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used in shrinking various items

  • Ulica: No.9 KeSheng Road ,LiuXiang Industry Area,JiaDing DST.ShangHai,China
  • Miasto / Miejscowość: shanghai
  • Telefon: 86-21-51699131-618
  • Kod pocztowy: 200000
  • Dodano: 8 września 2012 06:49
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used in shrinking various items

Opis ogłoszenia

The use of case sealing machine
in the state, between the irregular arrangement of the original molecular changes, such as thermal radiation in the infrared, re-close plastic molecules are arranged so that the original area greatly reduced, tightly attached to the product surface to achieve the purpose of packaging .

One-step type shrink machines with features like sealing & shrinking in cycle, easy and visible operation, adjustable working platform, controlled temperature and less power consumption. This machine is used in shrinking various items like stationary, books, files, magazine, manual, envelopes, paper, gift articles, greeting card, trophies, toys & games, computer consumable, accessories, PCB, electrical components, dry cell battery, pharmaceuticals & chemical product, medical equipment, cosmetics, household articles, industrial, engineering and automobile components, textile & hardware articles, multi packs, promotional materials and fast food, confectionery, beverages & dairy product.

The specifications of our shrink machine are:

Model XL-5540
Power supply 220V 50/60HZ 4KW
Max. valid size 450×300×250mm
Max.shrinking size 400×250mm
Efficiency 500-800PCS/H
Packing material PVC PP POF
External size 1370×670×1080mm 125kg



Post code:201802

E-Mail: 13761931568@139.com 13671803609@139.com

Contact:Ceasar Huang, Tony Li

Online site: http://www.xingpackmachine.com

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