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to offer the load

  • Ulica: No.9 KeSheng Road ,LiuXiang Industry Area,JiaDing DST.ShangHai,China
  • Miasto / Miejscowość: shanghai
  • Telefon: 862139126516
  • Kod pocztowy: 201802
  • Dodano: 8 października 2012 08:19
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to offer the load

Opis ogłoszenia

Xingpack offers different varieties of case taping machine equipments, which are categorized into three system types: turntable, overhead straddle, and horizontal models. The Turntable models can be found as semi automatic and fully automatic. The Overhead Straddle models, conversely, straddle the pallet to make use of the stretch wrap and secure the loads. This can be the ideal solution for wrapping tall and unstable loads which might be fat with the turntable models to rotate. The Horizontal models, lastly, are specially created for stretch wrapping heavy loads that want additional wrapping force for further security and stability for your loads.

With conventional wrappers (rotary arm and turntables) the film clamp is fixed at conveyor height as well as the wrap cycle must start towards the bottom and have to the top level as fast as possible, apply the highest wraps, spiral down having a controlled overlap to offer the load and finished in the bottoom with bottom wraps and clamping and film tail treating the strain. Nevertheless the typically 30 ft. or possibly even longer of stretch film applied getting to the top is effectively wasted film.



Post code:201802

E-Mail: 13761931568@139.com 13671803609@139.com

Contact:Ceasar Huang, Tony Li

Online site: http://www.shxppack.com/

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