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Coal crusher application

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Coal Specification
Coal is an important energy source. It also make role as an important raw material in metallurgy, chemical industry. The raw mined coal is too big to suit for people’s use.We offer best quality jaw crusher  for our customers. The coal doesn’t process and crush will decline the efficiency and pollution environment. In order to use coal more efficient and pollution-free, the coal should be crushing and grinding into small size. Such as 5 ~ 20 mm particle size for coal gas stove,8~25 mm particle size for steam locomotive, 10~20mm particle size for the industrial furnace. The coal power plants need the coal with 5 ~ 20mm particle size.

Coal crusher instruction

Coal crusher machine consists of many types of crushers and mills. This coal crushing machine is not used lonely; they compose a complete crushing plant with belt conveyor and vibrating screen. In Electric Power plant, coal gasification and clean coal process, crushing process is the first step and essential step. Natural coal is feeded evenly into jaw crusher through belt conveyor, after crushed, it enter into impact crusher or cone crusher for fine crushing. Final it is screened out by screening machine.Find a large number of cone crusher products in our company.

In order to use coal more rationally, efficiently and effectively, the coal need to be processed and crushed into different sizes, 0 ~ 25 mm particle size for coal gas stove, 25 ~ 8 mm for steam locomotive, 25 ~ 6 mm for the industrial furnace, and coal power plant requires grain coal of 0 ~ 25mm. So coal processing in coal preparation plant includes coal crushing and coal milling.

Coal machine in Sanme
Sanme is 30 years’ crusher and grinding mill manufacturer in China. All the time, we supply all kinds of crushers and grinding mills for stone quarry, coal industry, cement, ore, and concrete industry. We devote ourselves to research new mining machines for our customers and supply perfect service.More news about stone crusher  can be found on our website.

Coal crusher application
Station boiler is a boiler providing steam to the turbine generator in thermal power plant, including boiler and ancillary equipment. Fuel is burned in the boiler and releases heat energy, and heat transfer through the metal wall of the boiler water into a certain pressure and temperature of superheated steam, then steam into the turbine, the turbine-driven generators. Total thermal power generation capacity worldwide is about 70%, 80% in China. Therefore, the boiler and its role in terms of energy consumption or from the point of the development of the national economy have a significant influence. Most of station boilers fuel is coal, so coal crusher plant design is the main crusher equipment in thermal power plant for crushing coal.Find more information by http://www.sanmechina.com/




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