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But the one thing that hasn’t changed is the need to change your oil on your car

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German Engineer Rudolf Diesel is credited with the intervention of the diesel engine in 1892 and his engine actually ran on peanut oil. When petroleum diesel fuel arrived on the market as a cheap and viable alternative, it quickly replaced peanut oil as a source of fuel for diesel engines.There are a lot of diesel generator  products which you can buy in our online store.

Henry Ford sealed the deal when he came along and designed his cars specifically to run ethanol. This is in fact was supported because the only people willing to invest heavily in this newfangled invention were oil companies who saw the potential for automobiles using their product.

Today we don’t think much of these early roots since most cars-even hybrid automobiles require oil to properly run. Oil is as essential to your automobile as gasoline. Getting your oil changed at regular intervals ensures that you running your car on clean oil and not attempting to run your automobile on dirty oil that is less effective and has lost its ability to do a job properly.

Oil not only helps keep your engine cool it also helps to keep your engine clean by moving the small bits of dirt and debris that track to your engine out of your engine system through the oil. This is why you need an oil filter to be a catchall for all of the debris, dirt and contaminants that your oil picks up. When you run your car with dirty oil and a clogged oil filter you’re asking for trouble because you’re not allowing your car to properly run the way it was designed-which is a good reason to utilize oil change coupons to maintain your car.

Henry Ford probably never envisioned a day when any of his automobiles could be driven to an oil change shop and within an hour or less the oil and oil filter could be changed, the tires could be rotated, and all of the fluid levels could be checked by an expert in the field with the use of oil change coupons to make the prices even cheaper.Find more lighting plant  products in our online store.

We certainly have come a long ways since the early invention of the automobile and in fact we have made great strides in advancements to make automobiles even more efficient and economical.

We owe these great strides to the engineers and scientist who have worked from Henry Ford’s original invention to create something that is definitely our own invention.

But the one thing that hasn’t changed is the need to change your oil on your car. While the old model T’s may never have actually hit 3,000 miles as they made their way slowly down what roads did exist at the time that were passable going 20 miles an hour at top speed- newer cars can certainly surpass both the speed and the mileage in record time. Oil change coupons allow the modern-day consumer to maintain your vehicle in ways Henry Ford never envisioned we would need to do.Find more information by http://www.long-gen.com/


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