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O xingpack


The rotary ring design allows for virtually unlimited wrap patterns due to the ability to start and complete a wrapping cycle anywhere during the wrap cycle. Custom wrapping cycles can be added to suit the application requirements. When employees manually wrap pallets, it's difficult to create a tight enough wrap to secure the products on the pallet and far more stretch wrap is used then when the load is wrapped with a automatic case sealer. Hand wrapping is also time consuming and poses a safety hazard due to repetitive bending, stretching, and circling, resulting in back injuries and dizziness. Add: No.9 KeSheng Road ,LiuXiang Industry Area,JiaDing DST.ShangHai,China Tel:86-21-51699131-618 Fax:86-21-39126318 Post code:201802 E-Mail: 13761931568@139.com 13671803609@139.com Contact:Ceasar Huang, Tony Li

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