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It was formerly the custom to consider one set of product gradation, or screen analysis, curves as being suitable to represent the products of both primary (unscreened) and secondary (screened) feeds, making no allowance ore the undersize material which is always present, to some extent, in quarry-run and mine-run materials. We offer best quality jaw crusher  for our customers.The average quarry does not produce as much on this undersize rock as the average mine, but the usual practice in mining operations is to scalp off most of the undersize ahead of the primary crusher.For example, jaw crusher usually  is used as  primary crusher.   Gravel technology is capable of solving the problem, reflecting the most effective way to fight.What is the advantage of rebuilding the old cement concrete pavement.1. Broken by the compaction of concrete coating system, driven in shape, tightly integrated, high-density layer of material embedded greater strength of the sport.2.Little impact on traffic, the construction does not require complete closure of the movement, there are significant economic benefits and better benefits.3.In place recycling, pollution, roads are broken directly as primary source material or sub-base, effective in reducing costs and transportation costs.4 common structure is good, the speed of construction is the transformation of short-term, low overall cost.SANME crusher is suitable mechanisms for the crushing of stones of various sizes for the construction of the road. vertical shaft impact crusher,mobile stone crusher,and sand washer for slae.Find a large number of cone crusher products in our company.   Today, we bring the application of gold mining in the gold mine mill mine.Take Chassoul United States, for example. The gold mine is located Chassoul 70 km north-west of Costa Rica in San Jose. Veritas Gold Property,A subsidiary of Ascot Mining Mine covers an area of 400 hectares and consists of nine identified veins. Its development was launched in 1991. Veritas Gold has started production at the mining in September 2009.In the gold mines, small type breakers. The gold mineralization at the mine Chassoul shows four styles weak hydrothermal alteration, including or propylitic, medium clay, strong argillic alteration and silica.More news about impact crusher can be found on our website. The boulder was set to jump into the air. And then it would be in the jaw crusher or press indrectly in impact crusher or hammer crusher  which reduces it less than half the size. Oversize ore back to the crusher on a vibrating screen, while the fines, the bin is delivered ore fines. All over the world  ,Mill is also reduced the fines to match the size and consistency of flour. The material of the type of flour is then solution sent to the leach tank, filled with a dilute solution of cyanide. It is calculated on mechanical methods and / or Air. Fresh material is added continuously added.The initial plant capacity 20t / D has an average grade of 15g / t. The capacity is expected to 50t / d and gradually to 150 t / d that the circuit is to increase balanced.Find more information by http://www.sanmechina.com/

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